September 22, 2014 Meetings Cancelled

The PSCFO Board and Delegates Meeting scheduled for September 22, 2014 have been cancelled and are tentatively rescheduled for October 27. More information on the October 27 meetings will be posted on the PSCFO website.

Below is an email sent to PSCFO members by PSCFO President Brian Snyder:

Dear members of the PA State Council of Farm Organizations,

Our next quarterly meeting, which had been scheduled and announced for Monday, September 22  at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, has been cancelled and tentatively rescheduled for Monday, October 27 in the same location.  Our association manager, Vince Phillips, has experienced some significant health concerns as a result of a fall over the summer, and is in fact just returning home from the hospital today.  He will (hopefully) return to work in early October, and will be able to assist with preparations for a meeting on the 27th.  Please join me in praying for his complete and speedy recovery!

We also have a meeting scheduled for November 17, which will likely be rescheduled later.  But please hold this date for now, as a back-up to the October 27 meeting, should that earlier meeting be cancelled for any reason.  I’m sure we would all prefer to have a meeting before the upcoming election, and may even reflect on that event as part of the program.  But given the uncertainties of Vince’s health, we’ll make the best decision possible when the time comes.

Thanks all, and I hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer.