Legislative News – UCC Impact on High Tunnels

Hoop-Houses-at-FairviewWith the State Budget, pension reform and liquor store privatization taking much of the proverbial oxygen out of the room, agricultural issues have not seen much of the spotlight.

UCC Bill Moves Forward

A possible exception: On June 4, the PA Senate approved Senate Bill 1023 (McIlhinney-R-Bucks) by a vote of 47-1 to upgrade the duties of the Uniform Construction Code Review and Advisory Council (RAC). The RAC’s function is to issue recommendations for the PA UCC and assess whether changes in International Code are applicable to the Commonwealth.

May Affect HB 1440

An item of possible interest to the Agriculture industry is that recommendations from RAC must meet or exceed Uniform Construction Code provisions currently in effect. An unknown is whether SB 1023 would have an impact on PSCFO-supported legislation (HB 1440) that would remove tunnel buildings from the Uniform Construction Code – would this be seen as weakening the UCC?

Horse Racing Regulation Revamping Considered

The Pennsylvania Senate is considering Senate Bill 1188 (Vogel-R-Beaver) to reorganize the way PA horse racing is regulated. The bill would abolish the State Racing Commission and the State Harness Racing Commission and place those functions under the PA Gaming Control Board. Status: SB 1188 was re-referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee after being reported out of the Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee.