March 26, 2014

TO: Honorable Dominic Pileggi
Senate Majority Leader


The Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations (PSCFO), an organization whose
members include over sixty associations representing those engaged in production
agriculture, is writing to ask that the Senate act promptly to pass House Bill 1440 — high
tunnel building legislation.

As you know, high tunnel buildings are constructed for agricultural or nursery purposes.
Legislation was crafted in both House and Senate to reinforce the exempt status of these
buildings. To date, both House and Senate have passed the companions to this important
piece of legislation.

Specifically, HB 1440 clarifies that high tunnel buildings would not be subject to the
Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and eliminates a possible loophole in statute where
some municipalities might still attempt to tax them, something that would make them
economically unfeasible for farmers and nurseries to use. HB 1440 passed the House
June 13, 2013 and it was reported by the Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee
June 25, 2013.

Thank you for reviewing our position and please do not hesitate to contact PSCFO with
your questions.


Vince Phillips
Association Manager