Below are questions we have received about the RFP for a new exec/association management contractor for PSCFO and their answers.

1) How many hours a month are required to carry out the duties outlined in the RFP?

Answer from the current exec: “This is one of those jobs where it all depends. Obviously, there is prep time for Board & Council, routine time re financials, membership etc. In addition, the ED can do as much or at little as needed.

“I chose to do more to position PSCFO as a communications bridge via AG ONE and items of interest such as grant opportunities to targeted members like the vets or ag education, etc. Although it fluctuates, I probably spend about ten hours a week plus the time spent on AG ONE amounting to between 5 and 8 hours per issue with more on the special issues.”

2) Will producing the AG ONE newsletter be a part of the exec duties?

The name “AG ONE” is owned by the current exec. We expect that there will be a similar newsletter under a different name per the RFP.

3) Is there a salary for the position?

No, the position is for a contractor, not an employee. Proposers should specify in their proposal what their monthly fee would be.

4) Does PSCFO currently utilize accounting software or an accounting firm?

Our current association manager uses QuickBooks accounting software.

5) Is the website currently updated internally or by a consultant?

The website is currently updated and hosting costs are borne by a board volunteer. The website is built on WordPress, so is easily updated by anyone with some level of proficiency with Microsoft Word.

6) How many members does PSCFO currently have and do you utilize membership management software?

PSCFO currently has about 65 members. Dues billing has just gone out for 2021. Currently, there is no association management software in use.

7) Is there a transition plan from the current management to the new association management?

Not as such. We would expect the successful proposer to handle transition with the cooperation of the current manager and board.

8) Would the organization consider hiring a firm to handle most tasks in the RFP, but contract out certain aspects, such as the accounting portion?

The tentative answer is yes. If such an arrangement were to be proposed, we would expect the successful proposer to handle it with a subcontracting arrangement and for those costs to be fully included in the proposed monthly fee. The successful proposer would direct the activity of the subcontractor and ultimately be responsible for the work products of that subcontractor. The answer is a tentative “yes” only in that the board would want to know the particulars of such an arrangement before agreeing to it.

9) What is the PSCFO budget for the RFP?

PSCFO now pays $550/month plus expenses for our current association manager.