Organization Name: Mid-Atlantic Soybean Association
Main Contact: Steve Connelly
Title:  Executive Director
Address: 51 South View Drive; Rising Sun, MD 21911
Telephone: 202-445-9955
Fax:  410-658-5833
Email Address:
Web Address:
Number of Members: 224
Member Categories: Active, Sustaining
Is Training/Programming Offered?: Yes
National Affiliation: American Soybean Association ;
Mission Statement: The mission of the MASA is to protect the interests of soybean farmer-members in the Mid-Atlantic region. We are organized and operated exclusively for education and scientific purposes, including but not limited to the following activities:
1. Bring together all persons interested in the production, marketing, distribution and utilization of soybeans and soybean products.
2. Collect and disseminate, by publication and otherwise, information relating to the practical and scientific phases of the problems of increasing yields coupled with lessening costs (per bushel).
3. Safeguard production against disease, weeds, insect pests and other hazards.
4. Develop better varieties, cultural and management practices.
5. Encourage interest in the Federal and State governments, experiment stations and industry throughout the region in such educational and scientific projects.
6. Conduct research into scientific and nutritional characteristics of soybeans and soybean products and to conduct educational campaigns therefore.
7. Render service to the general public through dissemination of scientific research and information.
8. This association may join with other groups to carry out the activities herein listed.

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