Organization Name: USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service – Pennsylvania Field Office
Main Contact:  Kevin Pautler
Title:  Director
Address:  4050 Crums Mill Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17112
Telephone: 717-787-3904
Fax:  717-782-4011
Email Address:
Web Address:
Number of Members:
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Is Training/Programming Offered?:
National Affiliation: USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service
Mission Statement: All 46 field offices are operated under cooperative funding arrangements with State Departments of Agriculture and/or land-grant universities. Statistics are based on data collected from growers and agri-businesses through annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly surveys and the Census of Agriculture every 5 years.We exist so that everyone knows the most recent counts about agriculture; NOT only those that can afford to pay for it. Privately funded surveys are not always made public and growers or their associations are at a disadvantage when information is only in the hands of the buyer.

Economic and political decisions will always be made that affect agriculture. Official statistics allow these decisions to be made with facts instead of speculation. Grower associations use NASS data to plead your case concerning legislation or regulations that affect you.

“Thank you” for your help with our surveys. Federal law protects your confidentiality!

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